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Universal Manifestation Journal: Powerful Ways to Manifest a New Reality in 30 Days

Women we can only define evolution if we have evolved. If there is no change then we stay the same. In biology, evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection.

This composition of real life occurrences supplies us with examples of circumstances that pushed these, The Evolved, to greater. The stories told will either wake you up, or break you down. The stories are real and relatable. Now flip the book and turn the pages...don't you want to EVO?

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Universal Manifestation Journal: Powerful Ways to Manifest a New Reality in 30 Days

About The Author

Monica Earl Washington

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Ms. Monica Earl Washington, nick name “Neecy,” short for Monica’s middle name Denise was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and raised outside of Fort Campbell, Kentucky in Clarksville, Tennessee, graduating for the legendary Burt Junior High School, where she later moved into her high school years of Northeast High School, Class of 1983.  It is at Burt Junior High School, Monica found her passion for writing and learned to keep private dated and organized journals of her daily life as a growing and developing young woman living in a small rural non-diversity southern town; desiring to navigate and take on the world in a busy unknown world directly after high school; while seeking her passion to unite stronger with diversity that was introduced unto Monica through Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 

Monica later navigated in the world after graduating high school in 1983 with a desire to travel independently to many wonderful cities and states, yearning to connect with more diversity of the world and to establish a deeper creation for writing while later learning to utilize the typewriter, with the ability to type 60 words per minute with only 2-3 errors in the middle 80’s; which greatly enhanced her in the job fields for various leading working positions as well as  leveling up her passion for writing;  while learning to build her own personal portfolio and  journal styles of writing.  Monica’s greatest travels landed her in Jacksonville, Florida, as Monica later moved into the Atlantic Beaches of Florida.  A door of sunshine opened for Monica, as Monica reached what she craved “meeting people of diversity, Monica’s oxygen and life line began.”  Monica has earned an associate degree in Secretarial Science, which open greater doors for Monica to learn data and word processing, creating stronger job opportunities and sharpening her writing abilities.  Monica also has many federal government certification training, and has completed 75 hours in Special Education from Florida College at Jacksonville.  Monica was the previous owner of Queenrodney Christian Cleaning Services of Jacksonville, Florida, cleaning million dollar home for many elite clientele to include several NFL football players.  Monica is currently the owner of “Neecy’s Soft and Sweet Holistic Organic Southern Scents.  Monica is the mother of two handsome sons’ her oldest James “Tank” Earl and Reginald Kilo Banks, and the Gma of two beautiful angels Corinthian “Corey” Earl and Naomi Earl.  Monica currently resides in Fort Washington, MD and works for the Washington Headquarters (Pentagon), loves to uber eat delivery when not working for the Pentagon to meet great people.  Monica is a faithful member of the United House of Prayer for all people and is on the Junior Female Usher Auxiliary Board of Alexandria, VA, Monica’s major Christian life line.

Monica famous saying, “Don’t watch me, watch God!

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Monica Earl Washington
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