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My Life Without You: A Mother’s Journey Through Grief And Loss

Holding on without letting go. I wasn’t ready to lose you, to say goodbye you we’re too young to die. A mother’s inspiration through pain to empower and give mothers hope as they go through the process of grieving.

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My Life Without You: A Mother’s Journey Through Grief And Loss

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Charlene Ross was born in North Carolina. She always had a God-given gift, a love, and a passion for writing. Her creative penmanship displayed through her poems and church plays. Which allowed her audience to embrace her words and every part of who she is.

On the tragic and horrific night of June 29, 2018, Ross loss her firstborn and only son, Shonquell Barrett. With this magnitude of grief, she birthed her out of the pain, that led to the writing of this book. Which is her first of many. 

Her heart's desire for this book is to help others deal with grief. It is a journey that you will have to walk alone. Charlene hopes to support grieving families that also lost a loved one due to the use of the PIT maneuver and chase. In her quest to get laws changed regarding the PIT maneuver, she has met with government officials. Also, several news media outlets throughout the United States have interviewed her on the topic. 


Ross has often said, "Don’t let time slip away." She strongly encourages others to live in the moment as she strives to do the same herself. Life is precious, so cherish your loved ones and make sure that your time is well spent.


Charlene currently lives in Aberdeen, North Carolina with her daughter Symphanie Barrett.

Charlene Ross
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