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My 911: Through Inflight Eyes

Terry Horniacek

Terry was the inflight coordinator for United flight 93 on the day of 9/11/01. This is a story about the devastating hijacking and crash of their flight. It includes interviews with flight crews from that fateful day and the time spent with the flight 93 crew themselves before departure.

Terry talks about the diagnosis of PTSD and depression and eventually addiction after this traumatic experience. Eventually through intense and long term treatment Terry finds the will and the strength to overcome addiction and trauma in her life and recover over a period of 20 years.


She used her journaling from 9/11/01 to build a manuscript to honor these heroes. Terry will always remember and never forget to honor those who fought back on that fateful flight that day.

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My 911: Through Inflight Eyes

About The Author

Terry Horniacek

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Theresa Ann Horniacek was born and raised in a small town on the Jersey Shore called Highlands. After graduating from high school, she attended the Wilma Boyd Trade School. From there, she landed a job at Newark International Airport as a customer-service agent.

During that time, Theresa got married and had four children. She also worked at a Head Start program, where she ran the parents’ volunteer program and implemented literacy-training, job-readiness, and GED-training classes. Theresa received a humanitarian award for her difference-making work in this program.


Afterward, Theresa landed a great job at United Airlines as an in-flight-services coordinator. Her duties included briefing crews, following FAA guidelines, and keeping the Chicago crew desk updated. During United Airlines’ Health Awareness Month, she set up and implemented a mammogram program. For these efforts, the CEO of United presented Mrs. Horniacek with another humanitarian award.


Within six months of this success, 9/11 occurred, as detailed in this book. Theresa’s trauma in the 9/11 experience brought her to a dark place of PTSD, severe depression and anxiety, and crippling drug addiction.


Horniacek put herself into intense trauma therapy with Dr. Cancellieri and learned how to start living again. Placed on medications for her diagnoses, Theresa overcame the odds thanks to intervention by her family that led to her reentering life and reacquainting herself with God. She is now thriving in a twelve-step program, in which she continues to recover working with her sponsor, sponsoring other women, and fulfilling speaking commitments. Every week, Theresa participates in therapy through an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Her therapist guides her through a Seeking Safety program, which has taught her the skills to cope with daily triggers and recurring nightmares.

Most mornings, Theresa enjoys reading her Bible, writing, and working on her IOP. She faithfully takes direction for her care from her doctors. Theresa’s inspiration for this book was to help people like her to function better in life and achieve goals beyond their limitations. She says, “If I can, you can!”

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Terry Horniacek
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