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EVO: The Evolution of A Woman

Chimere Bacon-Destin

Women we can only define evolution if we have evolved. If there is no change then we stay the same. In biology, evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection.

This composition of real life occurrences supplies us with examples of circumstances that pushed these, The Evolved, to greater. The stories told will either wake you up, or break you down. The stories are real and relatable. Now flip the book and turn the pages...don't you want to EVO?

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About The Lead Author

Chimere Bacon-Destin

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Chimere Bacon-Destin grew up in Houston, Texas, in a single-parent home. The women in her life have had the greatest influence on her. They have given and shown strength, courage, stability, and success.

After graduating from high school, Chimere earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in business administration. While working as a manager and pursuing her goals, she saw a lack of support for and unity among women in business. This situation gave birth to her mission. Striving to stay motivated and positive, Chimere became the founder and CEO of the Real Housewives of Houston Organization. The organization seeks to uplift, inspire, encourage, and aid women in achieving success. Their slogan is “Where success is the reality.”

Chimere also works as the CEO and owner of Boss Up Houston Network. This television network provides a platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and ministries to cultivate their crafts through broadcasting. She firmly believes in legacy, wealth, and multiple streams of income.

In eastern Nigeria, chi means “God” and mere means “made.” In French, chimère means “a dream you cannot touch.” With all these elements together, Chimere’s name means “God made a dream you cannot touch.” She is covered! Her growth and success prove that next-level praise, next-level worship, and immeasurable inheritance have no limits.

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