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BOBM Publishing, LLC’s Book Editing Services offer multiple options for authors: Line Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Story Development, Character Development, and Ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is the process of writing for and in the name of another. Our writing team will research your topic or story. After researching, we will organize your project, transcribe the material and bring your vision to reality.


Ghostwriting is a premiere service for those who are looking to bring the book in their hearts to reality.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe


Our Professional Ghostwriters will do the following while preparing your manuscript:

  • Our ghostwriting team will meet with you to discuss the details of your manuscript.

  • Your manuscript will be reviewed for historical accuracy.

  • Your manuscript will be professionally transcribed.

  • Your document will be thoroughly reviewed for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other minor errors.

Our Professional Editors follow the Chicago Manual Of Style. However they are able to use the other academic styles (AMA, APA, or MLA if needed for academic texts.

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