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BOBM Publishing, LLC’s Book Editing Services offer multiple options for authors: Line Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Story Development, Character Development, and Ghostwriting.

Proofreading is carefully checking for errors in a text before it is published. It is the very last stage of the writing process, when you fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues and inconsistencies.

Proofreading is essential for any text that will be shared with an audience, whether it’s your book, an academic paper, a job application, an online article, or a print flyer.

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Our Professional Editors will do the following while reviewing your manuscript:

  • Your document will be thoroughly reviewed for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other minor errors.

  • Your document will be checked for correct hyperlinks.

  • Your document will be checked for repetitive phrases and sentences.

Our Professional Editors follow the Chicago Manual Of Style. However they are able to use the other academic styles (AMA, APA, or MLA if needed for academic texts.

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