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Aayan Learns His Numbers In Yoruba

One, two,
Who are you?
Nice to meet you. I am Aayan.

Do you know how to count to ten in the Yoruba language?
It is very easy. Yoruba is the official language in Nigeria.
Let's learn together with me and with my best friend a flying train.

This book, "Aayan learns his numbers from Yoruba, "is an excellent book as children can get familiar with Nigerian dishes, instruments, and many more.

Aayan Learns His Numbers In Yoruba

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A graduate of Western Governor’s University. Khafilat obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She has always believed that our human capital is the most precious capital that exist.


With more than 15 years of training and development experience often working with the hardest to place clients she has become not only a workforce success strategist but an advocate for individuals young and old that need an opportunity to reenter the workforce. Ms. Kay as she is affectionally called by her young adult clients has been responsible for instructing people on all levels of the employment spectrum within vast industries and professions.  She has had the privilege of providing recruiting support and placing individuals within some of the largest and most reputable Fortune 500, non-profit and independent companies across vast professional sectors.


A few of the clients she has directly supported includes: Dell, Booz/ Allen/Hamilton, United Way of Houston, Deloitte, Budweiser, Stewart and Stevenson, University of Houston, Allied Barton among other internationally recognized corporations and Global Oil and Gas companies. to name a few.


Ms Kay has taken the breadth of knowledge, expertise and experience she has gleaned from the non-profit and corporate sector to train groups, students and individual jobseekers on interviewing skills, effective resume writing techniques, leadership and on other areas of professional development that helps job seekers position themselves more favorably to potential employers.


Ms. Kay has spoken within a variety of oranizations, institutions and associations, including: State agencies, United Way of Houston, Goodwill Industries of Houston, The Islamic society of Greater Houston, Houston Community College, Harris County Juvenile detention, Texas department of correctional Justice, Capital Idea, St Micheals Learning Academy, City of Houston, department of education, Mayor’s office of people with disabilities where she is a commissioner. She trained staff members that work with state of Alaska, state of Washington and New York State and provided continuing education credits for youth service professionals in the vocational rehabilitation departments.


She has provided career and hands on workshops to immigrants, re turning citizens,  55 and over looking to reinvent themselves and position themselves for success. She has served as a panelist and speaker for numerous organizations including but not limited to Houston Area Urban League, Change Happens, Career and Recovery, Star of Hope, St Johns downtown, the VA hospital TWE program and NADWP conferences across the country.


Through Kay Speaks, Khafilat assist and encourages people to take the pebbles in their way and build a bridge while always striving for their fullest potential, improving their mindset, and creating a strategy for success. This will improve the types of positions and opportunities that can be obtained by offering professional workshops and services that augment the quality of life for her clients. Se also strives to impart knowledge to today’s youth and young adults especially opportunity youth, allowing them to set insurmountable goals, achieve and succeed beyond measure.

​Khafilat Balogun
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